The Princesses

Princess Plump and Princess Muffintop act as the main focus of many of Fat Princess's play modes and are central characters to the solo story mode. The characters are mostly portrayed as aloof to the things going on around them and are primarily interested in consuming cake. The more cake they consume, the more slowly they can be carried from one place to another. They are known to be best friends that love to spend time with each other. Princess Plump is supposedly nice and sweet, while Princess Muffintop is mean and sassy.


Each piece of cake is 150 calories. The princesses burn calories over time. When the calories burned and the calories eaten are taken into effect, the princess has four weight stages (with #4 being the fattest).

The four stages of the Princess.

  1. 0-300 calories
  2. 301-600 calories
  3. 601-900 calories
  4. 901-1200 calories
  • At Stage one they can be carried quite easily, many player like to rush the base and steal the princesses in early stages in the game as both a surprise and to make sure she does not get too heavy to move.
  • At Stage two, they are slightly bigger, and single missions become near impossible. Movement is severely impeded without at least one other person.
  • At Stage three, it becomes impossible to do a single person rescue and a coordinated team is needed for rescue, the reason being is it takes very long to get out of the enemy base walking alone. Ten seconds with a team.
  • And at stage four, being the hardest stage for rescue, but the best stage for defense. It takes an entire team to be able to move them effectively.

Strategies for capturing the PrincessEdit

There is no "best" strategy for this. It depends on the size of the map and many other factors, such as human players and bots on the other team. If the other team consists of bots only, then just walk into their territorry as a Villager and snatch the princess from them. If you are up against human players, however, the possibility of a scout rush is near zero. Waiting until the other team builts a catapult (on maps that have them) is a great option. If the map does not have a catapult, a full scale assault will be the one thing that can lead to a quick and easy capture.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleEdit

Character infoEdit


Don't let her sweet, bubbly exterior fool you. When the Fat Princess puts her mind to something, look out! Whether it's tracking down every piece of cake in the Kingdom of Titania, or laying the smack down on some trash-talking rival, this royal cutie is an irresistible force of nature. The Fat Princess and her royal bodyguards first appeared in 2009 in the self-titled PS3 PSN game Fat Princess.


Royal GownEdit

The default appearance of Princess Plump of the Red Kingdom.

PSASBR - Royal Gown

PSASBR - Royal Gown

Pirate PrincessEdit

Based on the pirate unit. The costume is a part of the Fun costume pack.

PSASBR - Pirate Princess

PSASBR - Pirate Princess

Fairy Tale DressEdit

This alternate costume can be unlocked by reaching Rank 10.

PSASBR - Fairy Tale Dress

PSASBR - Fairy Tale Dress

Ninja PrincessEdit

Based on the ninja unit. The costume is a part of the Fortune Kat Cake Sack costume pack.

PSASBR - Ninja Princess

PSASBR - Ninja Princess


Princess-related trophiesEdit

Princess trophies
Trophy cookie.PNGTrophy bronze Half the Calories Eat Twice as Much
Feed The Princess 1500 calories of food in a single online game
Trophy cherryslice.PNGTrophy bronze Fed Zeppelin
Rescue the Princess by using the enemy's Catapult in an online game
Trophy cherryslice.PNGTrophy bronze Chubby Chaser
Protect and escort the Princess 20 times in online games