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"Great Gorge, located on the south side of the region is so deep it is said that if you throw a piece of cake into
Great Gorge topdown

Great Gorge, Top-Down

the chasm, it will become moldy before it hits the ground."

Great Gorge starts each team off with 6 wood. There is a minefield surrounded by non-damaging mud in the middle of the map. The more profitable minefield is in the north on the mountain pass. Access to this mine field is blocked by two colored bridges. (Can only be built by the home team and will retract when no home players are present). There is one checkpoint to the south of each castle. The castle walls south of the doors can be broken by three large bombs. Springboards can be built near the center minefield one next to the checkpoint on each side and one north of the checkpoint on each side. Breakable boulders block the northern paths that lead directly into each castle throne room.


  • Castles in the Great Gorge have cracks in the side. If enough bombs are deposited near these cracks, they can blow a hole in the castle wall. It is possible to blow up the wall by placing bombs in the cattapult and launching them.
  • On the top of the map the mountain paths lead directly into the throne room of each castle. The only obstacle is a breakable rock. It is possible (with a bit of skill) to jump from the throne room to the upper reach.
  • A good strategy is to use the initial wood (6w) to build the bridge to the minefield rather than building both doors. You can use the headstart to either get a jump on rock collection or to break down the rock to the throne room and steal the princess before upgrades have begun.
  • There are no checkpoint entrances in this level.
  • there is an glitch that allows you to jump on the cliffs in the middle top hitout a brige, this is done by jumping near the big gap to the middle an moving upward a little, this can be done to make a"quik cap" on the princess or the tower.

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