Well Playing Doing good jobs and roles that is efficient to your own team can give you score points. While doing bad things to your team like throwing bombs at your teammates and killing them will result in you losing points. At the end of each round, the player with the most points on the winning team will transform into the Monk class. Also the player with the most points on the losing team will be transformed in to the Giant Chicken class. Both classes are very strong, very fast, and also has lots of health.

Hi and Hi!

Score ChartEdit

Note:Points may seem as you have received more from one action. For example you may throw a bomb and kill one enemy(10 points) and assist your teammate(5 points) at the sametime, ending up with total points of the two actions(15 points).

Kills/ Special SkillsEdit



Kill (No assisted damage) 20
Mostly Killed 15
Assisted 10
Finish off (Last hit) 5
Killed Teammate -5
Death -1
Suicide -5
Heal (Priest) 2 per heart healed
Cast Holy Aura (Priest) 9
Curse (Dark Priest) 3 per person
Freeze (Mage) 3 per person
Slap Enemy (Villager) 5

Slap Kill (Villager)


Upgrading and OutpostsEdit



Capturing Outpost 2 per second
Building/Upgrading (Worker) 1 per second

Mining Ores

Lumbering Trees 10
Collecting Ores and Trees 10




Rescuing Princess 300
Capturing Prisoner 75
Feeding Cake 15
Escorting Princess/Prisoner 25, 40, 75 (May vary by time escorted)
Kill Princess/Prisoner Holder 40

End GameEdit



Winning Team Top Score 250
Winning Team 150
Losing Team Top Score 150
Losing Team 75

Winning with 2nd highest score 150