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The peaks of Rocky Road are the highest in the land, an are a common destination for those wishing to pick
Rocky Road topdown

Rocky Road, Top-Down

marshmallows and chocolate chips straight from the rock face. Be careful though, as there have been many reported casualties from consuming rogue peanuts.


Springboards can be added to the two northernmost top central islands (one for each team's side) as an alternative to the longer trip on the rope bridges there.

A good idea is to capture the enemy's outpost at the southwest (if red team) corner of the map. Once captured, it serves as a quick entrance to the enemy base, dropping you off at the back of the enemy castle.

There is a path just south of the enemy castle that leads to a elevator platform. The only thing blocking your path is a large stone which can be broken down to have access to the platform. It leads to the enemy castle, specifically the dungeon. This can be used to capture the princess in the beginning when the enemy is scattered trying to capture the middle.

An upgraded warrior can be dangerous in this map for they are able cross from one side of the map to the other with extreme ease. The middle, where the four ore resources are, is able to be used as a chancy way to avoid the large battles at the top and bottom.

Fat Princess
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Rocky Road Soccer Sugar Cove Tropical Punch
Fat Princess DLC
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