Princess Plump
Voiced by Tara Strong

Princess Plump is the princess of the Red Kingdom. She is the main princess of the Fat Princess story line, unlike Princess Muffintop and is the daughter of the Red King.


During the beginning of the story, Princess Plump and Princess Muffintop are described to best friends despite thier fathers hating each other. One day while playing in the Black Forest, they discovered cake growing right out of the ground. The two princesses decided to have a little taste. But when they did, both became hooked to the magical pastry to the point of obsession. After many hours have past, the two kings start to worry about their daughters and decide to go with search parties to find them. But when they do, it turns out that they have eaten so much cake, that they're literally the size of houses. At the end of the story, she falls in love with Prince Albert despite him being absolutely hidious. After the wedding, the two kingdoms join together as Princess Plump and Princess Muffintop go back to being larger than life best friends.