Fat Princess has continuing support its developer, Titan Studios. The first of these patchess included lag and connection fixes. The second will contain many additional fixes and a new level.


Fat Princess's first patch includes fixes for lag and connecting issues, tweaks class balances, and makes other minor changes. It was made available for download August 7, 2009 in North America, August 13, 2009 in Europe, and August 14, 2009 in Australia.

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1.03's main attraction, New Pork

Fat Princess's second patch was released October 29, 2009. It will do the following:

  • Patch bugs
  • Tweak elements
    • Class balancing
    • Scoring
    • Host privileges
    • Team switching
  • Add new control schemes
  • Add ability to scroll through tips when loading
  • Add confetti effect when gore is toggled off
  • Replace the ranking system
  • Reset the scoreboards
    • All players will be on scoreboard not just 1000
  • Add a new map (New Pork)
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New PorkEdit

New Pork is a level that was included in Fat Princess 1.03. Its design is city-themed.

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Future UpdatesEdit

New ClassesEdit

August 19, 2009, Titan began hinting at new classes for Fat Princess with images. It has not been revealed if these are only concepts or if they will be featured in a future update. One appears to be a ninja that wields a sword and throwing stars. Another is a pirate equipped with a gun and sword. The third is a chef/cook holding a rolling pin and a pan. Number four is a king who holds a staff.


The following are issues and other suggestions that Titan Studios specifically stated that they are taking into account for future updates. (Note that this list was formulated before any updates were released).

  • Stalemates
  • Dead Hat Machines
  • Server Lists
  • Clan Management
  • Hosted Servers
  • More Class Upgrades
  • More Modes
  • More Sports
  • Fatter Princesses

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