Outpost red

Red Controlled Outpost

Outposts are small Medieval-styled towers found scattered throughout the maps in Fat Princess at or to create strategic locations in gameplay.

Controlling an Outpost Edit

To take control of an Outpost a player need only stand near the structure. If enemies are also near by the outpost will gradually ally itself with the team who has more units in the immediate area. If there are an equal number of units from both teams nearby the outpost will not change. Once the small shield icon above the outpost's door has turn to a solid color the similarly colored team may enter the outpost door to be taken to its roof. Once the shield color changes, banners along the sides will extend further solidifying the teams hold on the outpost.

With more units in the immediate area the tower will proportionally ally itself with your team more swiftly.

The game mode Invasion hinges on controlling outposts.

Strategic Value Edit

Controlling outposts is crucial in any game mode in Fat Princess as they provide a number of benefits.

  • Outposts serve as supplies deposits so Workers don't need to travel back to the base for each material. This allows for a good Worker to amass large amounts of supplies in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Most outposts will provide approximately 4/5 of a heart to injured units upon entering the door.
  • Some outposts will act as teleporters allowing fast travel to specific areas in a map.
  • The roof of an outpost gives some level of safety from enemy units as the Warriors will generally not be able to reach that high and other projectiles will occasionally be thwarted by the walls or battlements.
  • Outposts, like any other obstacle in the game, can be used to hide behind and absorb projectiles acting as a shield of sorts.

Teleporter Outposts AdvantageEdit

Having control of an outpost that acts as a teleporter can also be used as other strategies other than teleporting. Like other outposts this one also can heal. If you go inside just before you fall into the hole, you can stop and heal right there, giving you a shield from outside the outpost, a safe place to heal from sitting and the additional outpost heal. Staying inside will heal you automatically every few seconds from the outpost.