The Legend of the Fat Princess is the story mode of Fat Princess. It contains seven chapters and six levels to complete. Once you finish a level, the narrator reads another page of the book and you can advance to the next chapter.

Plot Edit

The story starts when the two princesses find an oversized piece of cake in the Black Forest. they just taste it, then a bite and then a slice but eventually they find the cake so delicious they can´t stop eating. Alarmed, the two kings find the princesses bloated and make them stop. After the incident, cake is banned in both kingdoms by the worried kings. The king of the "red" kingdom assumes that his daughter´s uncontrollable urge to eat cake is due to a curse, "the curse of the Black Forest". He hopes that if his daughter marries Prince Albert, who is soon to arrive at the kingdom (searching for a bride), the curse will break, but he is told by his counselor that Prince Albert may choose to marry the princess of the other kingdom instead. The king of the "red" kingdom then decides to make sure Prince Albert will marry his daughter by getting rid of the other princess, so he orders his soldiers to kidnap the "blue" kingdom princess and imprison her in the dungeon. The next morning, the king finds that his daughter has been kidnapped too, and the war between the two kingdoms starts. The "red" kingdom eventually wins and the princess is returned to the palace about time for Prince Albert's arrival. The locals seem to find Albert extremely ugly, but the princess finds him handsome. Albert finds the princess beautiful, too, so he decides to marry her. The kings mentions that the "curse of the Black Forest" will finally break, but Prince Albert tells him there is no such curse. The king gets extremely confused and he is apparently driven mad. However, the princess and Albert finally marry and the story ends with a happy ending.