FP Ladder

A ladder constructed against the southern wall of the Blue Team's castle in the Black Forest.

Ladders are construction instruments assembled by workers whose purpose is to provide smooth and auxiliary entrance into a castle. Ladders are only found near the borders or walls of a castle, and their construction sites are marked by green arrows which are visible only to workers. To construct, a worker must lock onto the site while near it and hold down the attack button. The construction's duration is around 2 seconds.

Ladders are directly destructible to enemies' attacks of the worker that built the ladder; however, explosions (such as from a greater bomb) or other forms explosive damage (a giant's charge-up ability) are capable of ruining the ladder regardless of the faction to which they source.

The materials for the construction of a ladder only include a single unit of lumber. 

Exploitation Edit

A ladder is tangible all throughout its construction process. Such a property can be exploited by not completing its assemblage duration, thus having earlier access to the castle than if it were completed.

Typically, this involves constructing the ladder halfway or less since the full extent of the ladder is unnecessary (because the distance covered by a player's jump can equate to the unfolded half of the ladder in this case).

This exploitation is simply done for the ladder's construction-time reduction or for simultaneously assembling and ascending the ladder.

Note: a construction device's completion percentage slowly decays over time if it is not accomplished in a sole instant.