Hot Sauce is a small volcano-themed map in Fat Princess. The lava on the map rises and falls periodically. When
Hot Sauce topdown

Hot Sauce, Top-Down

it falls, it allows both teams access to a central island.


The lower regions of Mount Magma are home to many small lava pools, which are known to be volatile and highly dangerous. The region is incredibly hostile with very little to offer a visitor than the taste of cold steel or the crushing weight of an overfed Princess.

Strategy Edit

 The east and west outposts, when captured, opens a sort of staircase right to the dungeon. Also, the north and south outposts open other roads that go into the center of the map (without waiting for the lava to go down), which in the center has lots of resources.

A great way to take the princess in the beginning of the game is to rush towards the castle, and if possible, with a friend. Grab a slice of cake to use it as a stepping stool on the towers next to the castle walls. With some practice, you should be able to jump over the wall without needing to break the doors. This tactic will work later during the game as long as you have 2 or more friends assisting.

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