Frost Bite is another tundra based map released with Candy mountain after New Pork and Brownie Town. It has
Frost Bite topdown

Frost Bite, Top-Down

five outposts, none of which are shortcuts. The main new concepts include freezing water and breakable ice chunks. The Freezing water isn't deep and doesn't look dangerous, but it will deplete your health as soon as you touch it. Also, in the center area, there are darker areas of ice that can be blown up by provided bombs to trap the enemy.


Resources here are a little scarce, so be careful. The metal is easy to get if you have the central outpost. Wood is much rarer here, which is bad. You should need this many resources to build everything, including ladders, doors, the catapult, and of course upgrading units: 41 wood, 18 metal.

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