Deep Fried topdown

Deep Fried, Top-Down

Description Edit

This remote region of Titania sits delicately on the very rim of Mount Magma, where the ebbs and flows of this living beast make life very short for those who don't watch where they're walking.

Strategy Edit

  • The amount of lava will rise and fall constantly throughout the level, and changes the geography of the paths of the map. When the level is lowered, a tube becomes available in the upper center of the map that will dump players onto an island with two outposts.
  • In the middle of the map where two outposts are located, it is good strategy when playing invasion to have two giants guard the exit of the tube. Computers (bots) and human players will constantly try to get to the outposts positioned there by using the tubes, and the two giants together can easily take care of most if not all enemies that pass through the tube, leaving the enemy with usually very low health. Effectively, this gives the giant's team complete control of two outposts. This strategy is especially effective against bots, as they are not intelligent enough to freeze you immediately, nor will they come from behind you that often. Multiple human players will eventually catch on to your plan and try to work out a counter-strategy, however this strategy is still quite effective against small numbers of human players and/or ones of less skill. To add another layer of protection, have a priest wait nearby (on top of one of the outposts) and heal the giants if they take any damage. To protect these outposts further, try to have some other team-mates guard the side outpost nearest to the enemy base. This gives your backside almost complete protection, an extra outpost, and further more, funnels more enemies into the tube. The only 2 alternatives the enemy has to breaking through your defenses, is to crush the rock next to their respective castles, and use it to teleport to the bottom of the map; or to build a catapult and use it to go to the other teams base. However, either of those options are rarely performed by bots, and humans will not usually bother wasting resources on a catapult in the invasion game mode.
  • If playing Rescue the Princess, the cage the princess is kept in can be destroyed so a teamate doesn't have to walk around the cage walls. Take bombs either from the enemy or from your base and throw them into the dungeon. It takes about 3 or more bombs to blow up the cage.

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