Fat Princess ControlsEdit

Note: These controls are the default settings of the PlayStation 3(PS3) game: Fat Princess




L Stick Move Allows character to run or walk.
L1 Target Allows character to lock-on to a unit.
L2 Zoom Zooms in on character.
R Stick Change Target Changes target.
R1 Strafe Allows Character to strafe where it is facing.
R2 Talk on Microphone Allows you to talk on a mic if hooked up.
Square Attack/ Throw Allows character to hit/ If holding an item, allows character to throw it.
X Jump Allows Character to jump.
Circle Pick up/ Drop Allows character to pick up an item and drop it.
Triangle Switch Class/ Special Allows character to switch classes if hat is upgraded/ If playing as one of the Fat Roles DLC pack classes, allows character to do a unique special.
Start Pause/Scoreboards Pauses game if in an offline game and shows scoreboard.
Select Map Displays the whole map.
L3 + R3 Suicide If held long enough, results in character to suicide (Meant for multiple players on one console if they get stuck).
D-Pad Up Voice Command: Help Character calls out loud for help and displays an exclamation mark above the characters head. (If called near a CPU, it will follow you with a green exclamation mark) E.g., "Hey!", "Help!"
D-Pad Down Voice Command: Good Job/ Go Says out loud a "Good Job" or Go signal. (If said to a CPU following you, CPU will continue to its own business) E.g., "Good Job.", "Go Forth!"
D-Pad Left Voice Command: Charge/ Provoke Character says a provoking phrase or says a charging phrase. E.g., "Prepare to be pwned!", "Kill them all!"
D-Pad Right Voice Command: After Taunt Character says a taunt or diss phrase out loud. (Often used when killing an enemy) E.g., "A E I Own U!", "Boom! Headshot!", "Mwahuhuha-heheha!"

Control TipsEdit

Target Switching TipEdit

It is very difficult to switch targets(R Stick) while holding a charge attack(Square) as you need your thumb to hold the Square button but also need to switch targets with the R Stick which also involves your thumb. So to fix this problem, go to the "Control Settings" by going to Main Menu>Twidly Knobs or In-Game>Start Menu>Options and change the "Secondary Layout" to B so attack is R1(and also still Square) Be aware that this takes away the ability to zoom into your character but it's a useless function anyway. So next time you have a full charge attack while holding Square in combat, hold R1 and let go of Square and you're good to go for switching targets.

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake ControlsEdit