Coco Cliffs topdown

Coco Cliffs, Top-Down

Description Edit

At 14,320 ft the peaks of Coco Cliffs are 2nd only to the dizzying heights of Rocky Road and those plastic mountains in the center of Anaheim.


To access the middle, topmost outpost, one must build a bridge. Once built, it serves as both a serious advantage and disadvantage as the other team may sometimes be able to use this bridge. Once at the top, one can go directly into the enemy castle with one lumber and ore. The first edge that must be scaled can be overcome using the cake trick. The second, however, requires a springboard to be built (it can be jumped, but it is hard to do so). The last can be jumped.

In stealing the princess or capturing the prisoner from the other team, inevitably, one must go through the bottom center of the map which is where most of the fighting occurs. The fighters will immediately cease what they are doing to steal the princess or prisoner back. To avoid being killed, have an ice mage help in the capture/rescue since they are able to freeze enemies in place.

If the other team has a catapult, your team can use that catapult to your advantage when stealing the princess/prisoner.

A dark priest's target health drain can reach up or down the high ledge above the throne room of each team (if the target and priest are close to the ledge).

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