FP Catapult

A catapult before being built.

The catapult resides in your castle. After building it using a Worker, you and your team are able to use it to quickly reach the other castle. To use the catapult, simply jump on top of it until you hear a click, then wait for a second and you will be tossed through the air. The more times the catapult is clicked down (four being the maximum), the farther you will fly. The player can use Aftertouch to steer their character the way they want to fly. Different classes fly farther than others, the farthest being the Chicken.

For larger maps, the catapult shoots you to middle point on the map. For smaller maps, the catapult usually shoots you directly into the enemy's castle.

The catapult requires 9 lumber and 3 ore to be made.


  • It works to the players advantage to load the catapult with as many teammates as possible, which minimizes the amount of health you'll lose after you have landed and maximizes the amount of damage you'll cause the other team.
  • It is also a good idea to pick up a Magic Potion or Bomb that you can toss as soon as you arrive at your destination, causing even more mayhem.
  • If you are not holding the Magic Potion or Bomb the launch will set them off. This is useful as turning into a chicken will cause you to fly even further than the villager. Bombs inside the catapult will act as some sort of artillery, in some maps landing inside their base, or simply killing enemies wherever they fall.
  • If you don't carry a bomb or potion, your attack or spell should be charged all the way, as a precaution.
  • Also you can go with a group to get a better chance of rescuing your princess or just to cause havoc in the enemy castle.
  • Ninjas are especially dangerous catapult users; their invisibility power is not affected by the catapult and they can travel invisibly through the air. This allows them to infiltrate the enemy castle even more easily.
  • If you can live long enough to set it's launch, it helps to use the enemie's Catapult to capture princeess/prisoner.


Catapult Trophies
Trophy cherryslice Rescue the Princess by using the enemy's Catapult in an online game Trophy singlelayer Fly 2000 meters in online games