Candy Mountain is a tundra-based map released with an update along with Frost Bite, both after New Pork and
Candy Mountain topdown

Candy Mountain, Top-Down

Brownie Town. There are five outposts, none of which are shortcuts. It has some ice paths, on which there is much less friction, so players will slide slightly. They can be used for getting around fast.


Resources on Candy Mountain are fairly easy to get. There is a lot of wood around the castles, and as usual, the only place to get metal is near a central outpost. There is a catapult here, as well. So, the total of resources needed to build everything on one team, including the catapult, a spring board, and the doors is 31 wood and 19 metal.


While playing "Rescue the Princess" or "Snatch N' Grab," you'll want to upgrade everything as a worker and then do what you would normally do to retrieve the princess in any other map. For "Invasion," grab a unit that can shoot something and head for that central outpost. It's key to winning. If your team, instead, tries to take the nearby outpost on the enemy's side, back them up. Just make sure that nobody slippes past you to get the central outpost. For "Team Death-match," the central area has the most traffic and is the place to be.

When stealing the prisoner/princess from the other team, follow the ice path to speed up.

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