FP Fatness

The stages of "growth" for the princesses.


The Cake plays a very important role in Fat Princess, where each player can feed the cake to the other team's Princess in their castle, which makes the Princess fatter and fatter. The fatter she is, the more slowly the opposing team will be able to move her. This gives you a bigger and bigger advantage to kill them while carrying the Princess. Cake is scattered around levels; most slices "grow" back, but some do not. Feeding the Princess also gives you an additional 15 points.


Each piece of cake is 150 calories. The princess burns two calories per second. When the calories burned and the calories eaten are taken into effect, the princess has four weight stages (with #4 being the fattest).

  1. 0-300 calories
  2. 301-600 calories
  3. 601-900 calories
  4. 901-1200 calories

Cake As a Step StoolEdit

In some maps, there will be small walls along the castle. If you jump next to it you will reach just about the height of the wall, but not quite to jump over it. If you notice this then here is a method of actually getting over the wall without using the doors. Find a nearby cake by the castle (enemy or yours) and from a distance throw it to the low wall you have found (To make the cake stay in one spot). Next jump on top of the cake and then hop over the wall. Now you can infiltrate the enemies or your castle without having to use the doors. This trick is great for rushing the castles at the beginning of the game as a villager.

This trick isn't only for jumping over castles, it's also great for:

  • Jumping over obstacles in your way like a rock.
  • Using it for getting into a secret place.
  • Use it to jump on top of a non-accessible outpost.
  • Use it as a stepping stone for jump across deep water or lava.-


Cake Trophies
Trophy cookie Feed the Princess 1500 calories of food in a single online game