Worker upgrade bomb

A Worker holding a bomb.

Bombs are projectiles in Fat Princess that can explode in a certain radius depending on the type of bomb. The bombs in the game all have to relate to the Worker class. There are 2 types of bombs used in the game. The small bomb is used by the Worker after he is upgraded. The small bomb can explode a short radius and does a maximum of 2 hearts. The large bomb can only be obtained beside the Worker's hat machine after upgrading it. The large bombs can be used by all classes and it can explode a large radius and also does a maximum of 6 hearts (instant kill). The large bombs not only damage players but they can also destroy some obstacles in the game such as trees, ladders, and also some parts of the castle in certain maps.

Large Bomb StrategiesEdit

  • When you have built the Catapult, and the Worker's hat machine has been upgraded, jump in the catapult so its all the way down. Make sure you have the Large Bomb right at your side. Throw it in the catapult, and you just might get a few kills.
  • The "Suicide Bomber" Technique results in you getting killed(unless you are a warrior), but the gain is better than the loss. As a Villager, grab the Large bomb and either catapult yourself into the enemy castle, or run into the castle when it is breached. Press Square to activate the bomb, but pick it back up again. Run over to the nearest group of the enemy team, and you will blow them all up.
  • There is a stronger, Alternate method to the Suicide Bomber Technique. Go to the enemy castle. Considering that the enemy teams worker is upgraded, run around so you have people trying to kill you. Activate your bomb and pick it back up. Run over to the Large Bomb Dispenser, and let the enemies take swings at you. They'll all get blown to bits!
  • If the enemy team has the Worker upgraded and has access to the enemy castle such as a catapult, you can wreak havoc inside by running frantically around while grabbing bombs and throwing them randomly. This makes for a great distraction for your team members to charge through. Also, try to aim for the main doors of the castle to give your team an easier and safer way into the castle.