The Black Forest sits in the heart of Titania, nestled between the vast mountain ranges to the north and the
Black Forest topdown

Black Forest, Top-Down

beautiful coastlines of the south. The region is now famous for its amazingly tasty cake.

Secrets Edit

The Black Forest contains two secret passages. If you break the wooden board over in the dungeon, you go through the sewer into the middle of the map. Also if you manage to control the Outpost that is the closest and highest outpost to the enemy castle you can see instead of a door there is a hole. This leads into the enemy's castle.

Strategies Edit


The majority of the fighting takes place in the center/north portion of the map at the middle outpost. Above this outpost is a lot of metal, taking and holding this in the early start of the match is crucial to victory. If you hold the middle outpost, it can act as a sort of staircase to the middle two ore rocks, without having to break two rocks blocking your path. Players should upgrade the Worker as quickly as possible. This allows the Worker to carry bombs in addition to his axe, making him better able to defend himself and gather more resources to speed the upgrading process for the rest of the classes. After everything has been upgraded, switch to Worker class and take a bomb with you. Head to the dungeon but do not take the Princess. Instead place the bomb on the wood cover. After that, 3-4 whacks of your axe should break it. Now you can take the Princess through the sewer. Keep in mind you CAN repair the wooden cover if yours is broken. After you get the Princess through the sewer do not go on land, go through the water to the middle. You will not die from the water if you constantly jump.

Another great strategie is to rush making the catapult. Then try to get as many teamates as you can into the catapult at once. If you set the catapult at full power you canland inside the enemy's castle either near the main entrance. Or with some aiming the throne room. This is both useful for quickly attempting the get the princess back after shes been captured, or doing a quick capture early game while they aren't expecting it.

Fat Princess
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Fat Princess DLC
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